Cadiz, Inc. | 2010 February
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February 2010

Groundwater Management Plan to Provide for the Long Term Safe Annual Withdrawal of 50,000 Acre-Feet of Water Each Year; Results Peer- reviewed by Leading Geologists and Verified by New Test Well Data

February 8, 2010 ONTARIO, CA – Today the internationally respected environmental firm CH2M Hill will unveil the findings of a comprehensive year-long study measuring the vast scale and recharge rate of the Cadiz aquifer system. The study, to be presented at a conference of the Association of Ground Water Agencies and American Ground Water Trust, describes a groundwater basin consisting principally of an alluvial and carbonate aquifer ranging in size between 17 and 34 million acre-feet, a volume of water larger than Lake Mead, the nation’s largest surface reservoir. (To view the presentation given by CH2M Hill at the conference, click here CH2M Hill Study PPT.)