Cadiz, Inc. | Green Compact
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Green Compact



Cadiz has been a part of the eastern Mojave Desert community for over 25 years and is committed to protecting the desert environment. As part of our environmental commitment, we have pledged to manage the aquifer systems beneath our properties in a sustainable manner, to conserve water, to explore renewable energy opportunities, and to continue to use sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming. Our innovative Cadiz Valley Water Project is dedicated to providing a new local solution to meet Southern California’s water needs, while also protecting the long-term safety of our desert.


Provisions of the Green Compact include:


  1. The Sustainability Pledge. We agree to manage our property holistically, providing due regard for the long-term sustainability of the land and its natural resources.
  2. Solar Energy Commitment. We will seek to make up to 20,000 acres of land available and provide a reliable water supply for the development of photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies.
  3. Groundwater Management Principles. We will promote the optimal, long-term, and sustainable use of our water resources and manage the groundwater supply in a manner that will not result in environmental harm. By creating a water bank, we will encourage restoration of unrelated aquatic ecosystems currently impaired by water development.
  4. Organic Agriculture. We will continue to farm in an agricultural sustainability manner, on organic land, and producing permanent crops of organic-certified, dried-on-the-vine raisins along with seasonal crops of vegetables and fruits.