About Us
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About Us

Founded in 1983, Cadiz Inc. is a natural resources company headquartered in Los Angeles with more than 70 square miles of land that’s home to significant water assets and rights in Southern California. We are dedicated to pursuing sustainable projects through the responsible stewardship of our land and water resources.


Our properties, which are located at three sites in the eastern Mojave Desert portion of San Bernardino County, offer abundant and renewable sources of clean water, a nearly pest-free environment ideal for organic farming, and excellent potential for conservation opportunities.


California battles systemic water and infrastructure challenges preventing all Californians from accessing safe water supplies.  Our mission is to dedicate our unique assets to finding solutions to these challenges by offering a combination of sustainable water supply, water storage, and agricultural projects in ways that are responsive to California’s resource needs.





The Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project – This innovative project will provide a much-needed, reliable water supply for communities in need in Southern California by conserving fresh groundwater that is otherwise lost to high-salinity and evaporation. The Project would also bank surplus water for future dry years.


Cadiz Ranch Agricultural Operations – Our Cadiz Valley property is home to active agricultural operations featuring a variety of fruit and vegetable crops such as squash, peppers, asparagus, lemons and, industrial hemp. We follow sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming and drip irrigation, and groundwater management.


Land Conservation –  Responsible stewardship of our land and water resources is a core value of our business and we are always guided by the principle of sustainability.  In addition to our water and agriculture projects, we have dedicated our properties to conservation and cultural activities, including California’s largest desert tortoise land conservation bank.