Archives 2012-2013
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Archives 2012-2013

October 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc.  Announces Agreement with Senior Lender for $10 Million in New Working Capital

September 2013
Press Release:  Third Lawsuit Challenging Cadiz Water Project Dismissed

News: New Report Demonstrates Cadiz Project Would Contribute $648 million in New Benefits to Southern California Through Intentionally Created Surplus Program

Op-Ed: Buried Treasure in the Mojave – Water

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Agreement to Operate Steam Powered Excusion Train on the Arizona & California Railroad

August 2013
News: New MCL Proposed for Chromium-6 in Drinking Water

News: A response to calls for Federal Review of the Cadiz Valley Water Project

Press Release: Cadiz Project To Provide $8 Million In Annual Savings To Southern California Water Users

Op-Ed: Why a federal review makes no sense for Cadiz project

July 2013
Orange County, California Grand Jury Recommends Cadiz Project

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. And Limoneira Company Announce New Agriculture Development Agreement

May 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Reports Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging Water Project Environmental Approval

April 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Appoints New Member to Board of Directors

March 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Comprehensive Refinancing Package

January 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Names Scott Slater Chief Executive Officer

December 2012
Press Release:  Cadiz Announces Agreement with Kinder Morgan, Gains Ownership of Pipeline Connecting Project to Additional California Water Markets.

October 2012

News: Op-Ed—Public-private stewardship of water resources with local control

Press Release: Federal Court Dismisses Case Against Cadiz Inc.

Press Release: Cadiz Project Groundwater Withdrawals Approved by San Bernardino County

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Plan for Implementation of Water Project Following Environmental Approval

Press Release: Cadiz Valley Water Project Approved

JULY 2012
Press Release: Cadiz Valley Water Project Public Comment Hearing Completed

Press Release: Strong Support for Cadiz Project as Environmental Hearing Nears

Press Release: Final Environmental Impact Report Issued for Cadiz Valley Water Project

JUNE 2012
News: Op-Ed – Private money to get the public new water Mojave Desert project an example of what still can be done in California

MAY 2012
News: Op-Ed – A Commitment to Safe and Sustainable Desert Groundwater Management

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Reports Santa Margarita Water District Approval of San Bernardino County’s Enforcement Role in Cadiz Valley Water

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Agreement for San Bernardino County to assume Water Project
enforcement role

APRIL 2012
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Commitment to Local Jobs and Investment in San Bernardino County

News: Op-Ed – Another View: Cadiz project will employ sustainable groundwater practices

MARCH 2012
News: Op Ed – The Cadiz Water Project – What You Need to Know

Press Release: Cadiz Advances Plans to Convert 300 miles of Natural Gas Pipelines for Water Conveyance

Press Release: Cadiz inc. Retains Investment Bank Hannon Armstrong to LEAD Water Project Construction Financing

Press Release : Cadiz Inc. Announces New Appointment to Board of Directors

News: Public Comment Period Extended for Cadiz Valley Water Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report

News:  Op-Ed – Putting Water to Beneficial Use: A technical response to criticism of the Cadiz Project

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