Archives 2012-2013
Cadiz is a publicly-held natural resources company that owns 70 square miles of property and water resources in Southern California. Our mission is to support communities that lack reliable access to clean, affordable water needed for economic growth and an equitable quality of life by improving California’s water transportation network and delivering sustainable water supply and storage solutions while cultivating sustainable farming opportunities.
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Archives 2012-2013

October 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc.  Announces Agreement with Senior Lender for $10 Million in New Working Capital

September 2013
Press Release:  Third Lawsuit Challenging Cadiz Water Project Dismissed

News: New Report Demonstrates Cadiz Project Would Contribute $648 million in New Benefits to Southern California Through Intentionally Created Surplus Program

Op-Ed: Buried Treasure in the Mojave – Water

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Agreement to Operate Steam Powered Excusion Train on the Arizona & California Railroad

August 2013
News: New MCL Proposed for Chromium-6 in Drinking Water

News: A response to calls for Federal Review of the Cadiz Valley Water Project

Press Release: Cadiz Project To Provide $8 Million In Annual Savings To Southern California Water Users

Op-Ed: Why a federal review makes no sense for Cadiz project

July 2013
Orange County, California Grand Jury Recommends Cadiz Project

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. And Limoneira Company Announce New Agriculture Development Agreement

May 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Reports Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging Water Project Environmental Approval

April 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Appoints New Member to Board of Directors

March 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Comprehensive Refinancing Package

January 2013
Press Release: Cadiz Names Scott Slater Chief Executive Officer

December 2012
Press Release:  Cadiz Announces Agreement with Kinder Morgan, Gains Ownership of Pipeline Connecting Project to Additional California Water Markets.

October 2012

News: Op-Ed—Public-private stewardship of water resources with local control

Press Release: Federal Court Dismisses Case Against Cadiz Inc.

Press Release: Cadiz Project Groundwater Withdrawals Approved by San Bernardino County

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Plan for Implementation of Water Project Following Environmental Approval

Press Release: Cadiz Valley Water Project Approved

JULY 2012
Press Release: Cadiz Valley Water Project Public Comment Hearing Completed

Press Release: Strong Support for Cadiz Project as Environmental Hearing Nears

Press Release: Final Environmental Impact Report Issued for Cadiz Valley Water Project

JUNE 2012
News: Op-Ed – Private money to get the public new water Mojave Desert project an example of what still can be done in California

MAY 2012
News: Op-Ed – A Commitment to Safe and Sustainable Desert Groundwater Management

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Reports Santa Margarita Water District Approval of San Bernardino County’s Enforcement Role in Cadiz Valley Water

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Agreement for San Bernardino County to assume Water Project
enforcement role

APRIL 2012
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Commitment to Local Jobs and Investment in San Bernardino County

News: Op-Ed – Another View: Cadiz project will employ sustainable groundwater practices

MARCH 2012
News: Op Ed – The Cadiz Water Project – What You Need to Know

Press Release: Cadiz Advances Plans to Convert 300 miles of Natural Gas Pipelines for Water Conveyance

Press Release: Cadiz inc. Retains Investment Bank Hannon Armstrong to LEAD Water Project Construction Financing

Press Release : Cadiz Inc. Announces New Appointment to Board of Directors

News: Public Comment Period Extended for Cadiz Valley Water Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report

News:  Op-Ed – Putting Water to Beneficial Use: A technical response to criticism of the Cadiz Project

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