Company News & Announcements - Cadiz, Inc.
Cadiz is a publicly-held natural resources company that owns 70 square miles of property and water resources in Southern California. Our mission is to support communities that lack reliable access to clean, affordable water needed for economic growth and an equitable quality of life by improving California’s water transportation network and delivering sustainable water supply and storage solutions while cultivating sustainable farming opportunities.
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Company News & Announcements


December 2017 
Vast Aquifer Supports Remote Mojave Desert Farm | Irrigation Leader


November 2017 
Cadiz Inc. Statement on Center for Biological Diversity Lawsuit Against the Bureau of Land Management Regarding 2017 Cadiz Project Evaluation


October 2017 
News: Valley Voice: Cadiz Water Project has followed rules, process

Cadiz Inc. Announces US Bureau of Land Management Has Concluded Cadiz Water Project Is Within Scope of Railroad Right-of-Way

Company Update on California State Lands Commission Letter Regarding Old Project

Feinstein lobs new attack on Cadiz Project about water quality, Company responds


September 2017 

Op-Ed: The myths used to needlessly delay the Cadiz water project, debunked | L.A. TIMES

Cadiz statement on irresponsible release by Senator Feinstein regarding Cadiz water quality

Cadiz Inc. Provides Further Update on California Assembly Bill 1000 Following Close of 2017 Legislative Session

Reject AB 1000 to Protect California’s Water Future

Company Further Updates Legislative Status and Process for California Assembly Bill 1000

Cadiz Inc. Updates Development in Federal Railroad Right-of-way Policy Pertinent to Cadiz Water Project Pipeline

Cadiz Inc. Issues Statement on Status of California’s Assembly Bill 1000


July 2017
Cadiz Inc. Statement on California Assembly Bill (AB) 1000


June 2017
Commentary: Cadiz Water Project Will Safeguard Environment,

Threatened Desert Tortoise receives a helping hand from Cadiz Water Project

Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Sen. Feinstein should study the facts before rejecting Cadiz’s desert water project

Journal of Water: BLM Rescinds Policies that Led to Determination Requiring Federal Review of Cadiz Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project


May 2017
Cadiz Announces $255 Million in Construction Financing for Desert Water Project

Cadiz Inc. Announces Strategic Transaction with Apollo to Finance Cadiz Water Project Construction


April 2017
OP-ED Cadiz plan a vetted project that will bring jobs, water security

Cadiz water project counters inaccurate remarks by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Trump administration revokes Obama-era directive blocking controversial water project

Mojave Desert Water Project Gets Trump Administration Boost

Cadiz Inc. plan a vetted project that will bring jobs, water security

Cadiz Inc. Issues Statement in Response to Remarks by California Senator Dianne Feinstein on Cadiz Water Project


March 2017

US Bureau of Land Management Rescinds Agency Framework for Evaluation of Activities within Railroad Rights-of-Way Granted under the 1875 General Railroad Right-of-Way Act.

Sacramento Bee: Trump requests – and receives – this infrastructure list from builders union

Thoroughly reviewed Cadiz project to provide water, jobs: Guest commentary

GREENWIRE: On secretary’s first day, Chaffetz demands documents

Company posts comprehensive rebuttal to Senator Feinstein Commentary

Company Update: Bipartisan Letter to New Interior Secretary Seeks Agency Withdrawal of Cadiz Water Project Right-of-Way Guidance


February 2017
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Desert is Worthy of Support


January 2017
Trump transition’s infrastructure priority list includes So. Cal’s Cadiz Water Conveyance Project

OPINION: New administration should end BLM’s stalling of Cadiz water project San Bernardino Sun



December 2016
Cadiz Inc. Closes Public Offering of Common Stock and Sr. Debt Refinancing

Cadiz Inc. Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock


November 2016
Congress should fix regulation halting Cadiz project, others: Guest commentary

Cadiz Water Project will provide safe, sustainable water supply


September 2016
CalChamber Magazine: CalChamber Backs Efforts to Diversify California Water Supply Sources

CA Water News Daily: California Chamber of Commerce provides support to Cadiz Water Project

Press Release: Cadiz Water Project Receives Support of the California Chamber of Commerce


August 2016

Editorial: Regulators all wet on Cadiz project – Orange County Register

OC Lawyer Magazine: Sweeping Six-Case Win For Water District Helps Secure Orange County’s Water Supply | by Michelle Ouelette

Weekly Standard: Scandal at the BLM, by Jim Swift

Press release: Cadiz Inc. Issues Statement on Apparent Bias in Bureau of Land Management’s Review of the Cadiz Water Project

Wall Street Journal: The Pipeline & the Shortseller, Editorial

Company Update: Documents Reflect Bias in BLM’s Cadiz Water Project Right-of-Way Determination


July 2016

Appellate Court Affirms Cadiz Project’s Environmental Approvals

Company update: US House of Representatives passes FY2017 House Interior Appropriations Bill

Press Release: Sweeping Legal Victories for Cadiz Water Project Stand


June 2016

LAW360: Appeals Court Saves Private Partnerships in CA by Norman F. Carlin and Emily M. Burkett

Bradco Report: Cadiz Continuing to Work to Provide California Much Needed New Water / by Courtney Degener

Company Update – Congressional Efforts to Clarify the Scope of 1875 Act Railroad Right-of-Ways

Capitol Weekly: Defining a Groundwater Management System / Op-Ed by Scott Slater


May 2016

San Bernardino Sun: It’s Time to Build Cadiz Water project | OP-ED, by Mayor Frank Ury


Desert Sun: Feinstein off the mark | Letter to the Editor, by Wes May

Daily Journal: Desert Water Fight Isn’t Over Just Yet | by Andrew Henderson

News: Cadiz Water Project Appellate Court Win, Media Coverage

News:  California Court of Appeals Upholds Water Project’s Environmental Approvals


April 2016
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces $10 Million Convertible Note Financing

Seeking Alpha: Congress Says The BLM Is Acting Contrary To Law In Blocking The State Approved Cadiz Project


March 2016
Wall Street Journal Opinion Page: Trying to Get Water to California but Torpedoes by Regulators (4/8/16)

Opinion: Deal with the drought or just keep suing?

Cadiz Water Project Update – Court of Appeals Hearing Held


February 2016
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Updates Water Project Development

Press Release : Cadiz Completes Arrangements for Expanded Agricultural Development at its Mojave Desert Property

News: Cadiz Statement on Potential Mojave Trails National Monument Designation


January 2016

California Congressional Representatives Encourage BLM to reconsider its controversial Cadiz pipeline guidance

Update: New Letter Sent to Bureau of Land Management Director from Bipartisan Group of Congressional Representatives Protesting Cadiz Water Project Guidance



November 2015

News: Cadiz Inc. Announces Agreements with Senior Lenders and Convertible Note Holders to Extend Maturities of Existing Debt

LinkedIn: We Prefer to Waste Water.

The Weekly Standard: Riders on the Storm

News: Otay Water District Board authorizes General Manager to negotiate Cadiz Project participation


October 2015
San Bernardino Sun: guest Commentary- BLM Undermines Confidence with Cadiz Decision

News: October 2015 Water Project Status.

HydroWonk Blog: The Bureau of Land Management Needs a Legal Education

IE Business Daily: BLM Creates Bureaucratic Quagmire for Railroads

San Bernardino Sun: Cadiz chief to tackle desert water transfer project roadblock

Press Release: Cadiz Issues Statement on Media Reports Following BLM Guidance

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces Guidance from U.S. Bureau of Land Management Regarding Cadiz Water Project’s Proposed Use of a Railroad ROW


September 2015
Press Release: Cadiz Inc. to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 17th Annual Global Investment Conference


August 2015
Press Release: Eleven Amicus Curiae Briefs Filed in Support of the Cadiz Water Project

Press Release: Cadiz, Inc. ATEC Systems Associates, Inc. and CH2M Execute Strategic Alliance Agreement to Provide Treatment for Chromium-6 in Drinking Water Sources

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Announces New Water Project Support from Southern California Local Elected Officials


June 2015
News: New Report Concludes Capacity Readily Available in the Colorado River Aqueduct for Conveying Cadiz Project Water.

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Enters Strategic Groundwater Storage Development Agreement with Semitropic Water Bank

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Adds New Water Project Support Letter To Website – 6.11.15

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Posts New Water Project Support Letter to Website – 6.9.15

News: Cadiz Inc. and Lucid Energy Inc. Enter Joint Venture to Provide Hydropower to Arizona & California Railroad


May 2015

News: Cadiz Water Project Earns Support of California Congresswoman

Press Release: Cadiz Water Project Endorsed by Los Angeles County Business Federation

Op-Ed: Stop delaying SB County water project: Guest commentary

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. to Present at 16th Annual B. Riley & Co. Investor Conference

News: Cadiz to Vigorously Defend Against Baseless Securities Litigation


April 2015

News: Cadiz Updates Water Project Status and Next Steps

News: Cadiz Issues Statement Regarding Short Seller Allegations

News: Cadiz CEO Scott Slater Makes Statement on MWD Rationing Decision


March 2015

Press Release: Cadiz Inc. Establishes 7,400-Acre Fenner Valley Desert Tortoise Conservation Bank in San Bernardino County, California


February 2015

News: Limoneira Company and Cadiz Inc. Expand Agricultural Development Agreement



December 2014

News:San Luis Water District Executes Contract to Purchase Water from Cadiz Project

News: Statement Regarding Notices of Appeal filed by Center for Biological Diversity, National Parks Conservation Association in Cadiz Project CEQA Cases


November 2014

News: Santa Margarita Water District Approves Joint Powers Agreement with Cadiz and Fenner Valley Mutual Water Company Creating the Fenner Valley Water Authority

News: Cadiz Inc. Conducts Public Offering of Common Stock

News: New Website Page for Cadiz Project Support


October 2014

News: Statement Regarding Appeal of Trial Court Decisions by Tetra Technologies

News: Superior Court Signs Final Judgments in Cadiz Project Environmental Cases


September 2014

News: Cadiz Signs Letters of Intent with Additional Central Valley Farmers

News: Video Interview: Scott Slater, Chief Executive Officer, Cadiz, Inc. [CDZI]

News: Cadiz Project to Assist Central Valley Farmers

News: Statement on Passage of Groundwater Legislation


August 2014
News: Lake Arrowhead Community Services District Reserves Water from Cadiz Project

News: Superior Court Releases Final Decisions in Cadiz Project Environmental Litigation Rulings Confirm Sweeping Victory for Project

News: California Places $7.5 Billion Water Bond on November ’14 Ballot

News: Cadiz Inc. Statement Regarding U.S. Department of the Interior Instruction Memorandum Pertaining to Third Party Uses of Railroad Rights-of-Way

News: Cadiz, Inc. Rings The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell


June 2014
In dry California, water fetching record prices

News:  Cadiz Makes Commitment to Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions for Desert Research


May 2014
News Coverage Summary: Trial Court Victory for Cadiz Project Environmental Approvals

Press Release:  Cadiz Inc. Announces Ruling In California Environmental Quality Act Litigation Against Water Project – Court Upholds Environmental Impact Report Supporting Project Approvals


March 2014
Editorial: State drier than we have to be 

News: Value of Cadiz water project pegged at $6.1bn

Report: New Property & Environment Research Center (PERC) Paper Supports Cadiz Project Development


January 2014
News: New Report Estimates Cadiz Water Project Benefits More Than $6 Billion Dollars