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Cadiz is a publicly-held natural resources company that owns 70 square miles of property and water resources in Southern California. Our mission is to support communities that lack reliable access to clean, affordable water needed for economic growth and an equitable quality of life by improving California’s water transportation network and delivering sustainable water supply and storage solutions while cultivating sustainable farming opportunities.
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Latest News

News / 10.04.2019

Yesterday, April 9, 2019, the California State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee held a policy hearing for Senate Bill 307. The hearing was productive and aired concerns about the undefined and unprecedented review the bill  would create for the Cadiz Water Project and other...

News / 11.02.2019

Last week, the Fenner Valley Water Authority (FVWA),the public agency charged with operating the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project (the Project), released new analysis by a water chemistry expert that critiques two opposition-funded papers published last year regarding springs in the watershed surrounding...

Announcements, News / 05.10.2018

The Fenner Valley Water Authority (“FVWA”) today announced the creation of a $5 Million fund, the Southern California Clean Water Fund (“Clean Water Fund” or “SCCWF”), dedicated to aiding small water systems that are pursuing water quality improvements in Southern California. The Clean Water Fund...