Sustainable Solutions - Cadiz, Inc.
Cadiz is a publicly-held natural resources company that owns 70 square miles of property and water resources in Southern California. Our mission is to support communities that lack reliable access to clean, affordable water needed for economic growth and an equitable quality of life by improving California’s water transportation network and delivering sustainable water supply and storage solutions while cultivating sustainable farming opportunities.
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Sustainable Solutions

We have pledged to manage the aquifer systems beneath our properties in a sustainable manner, to conserve water, to explore solar power opportunities, and to continue to use sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming. In addition, in order to be true to our philosophy of sustainability in all things we do, our innovative Cadiz Valley Water Project conserves water not only by capturing water that otherwise would have been wasted to evaporation, but also by storing water with almost no evaporative loss. We also pledge to be guided by a Green Compact, which commits to the permanent preservation of lands, dedication of a portion of our land for solar power development, stringent plans for sustainable groundwater management and habitat conservation, and the dedication of water to restoring endangered aquatic ecosystems in California and the Colorado River basin. Our vision for Cadiz Inc. is as a green company that works in partnership with the environment and acts as a model to other private sector companies in the renewable resources business.

Green Compact

Our Green Compact is a promise to manage our resources in a sustainable way while also creating a variety of significant environmental benefits from wildland preservation to clean energy to the restoration of threatened water systems. Our goal is not just to avoid environmental harm but to provide a net environmental improvement. Green Compact provisions include:

  • The Sustainability Pledge
  • Solar Energy Commitment
  • Species Protection Plan
  • Permanent Conservation of Lands
  • Groundwater Bank
  • Groundwater Management Principles
  • Independent Resource Evaluation Study (summary of report, click here)
  • Local Priority for Water Use
  • Environmental Audits

For more details on the Cadiz Green Compact, please click here.

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